Career Assessment Services

​WTC provides a variety of customized career assessment services to help people with disabilities learn about careers that best suit their interests and abilities. They do this with a variety of interviews, tests and work samples to find out what an individual’s interests are and to determine if the individual has the ability to meet the specific requirements of a variety of jobs.

Your DORS counselor may refer you to WTC for one of the following career assessments:

  • Itemized or Express Assessment – Uses one test to answer a specific question.
  • Focused Assessment –  Determines an individual’s potential to succeed in a specific occupation (such as office work, food service, information technology).
  • Exploratory Assessment – Uses career exploration tools to identify the next step in an individual’s long-range career planning.  (Individual should have at least a 5th grade reading level and be able to work independently).
  • Comprehensive Assessment – Uses real and simulated work activities as the focal point for assessment and career exploration.
  • Consultation – Review of the individual’s case history and previous assessments to aid in developing an appropriate employment goals.
  • Job Analysis – On-site study of a specific job to determine if a specific individual is compatible with that job.
  • Investigative Assessment (Virtual) - An assessment to assist an individual with developing vocational/career interests. The Investigative Assessment does not include aptitude or academic testing (which may be required to pursue training and/or employment options.)
A woman at a computer taking an assessment test with a CAS instructor.  
Career Assessments use a variety of activities and tools to help individuals with disabilities discover their skills and interests.

A CAS instructor using ASL to explain a hands-on test to a student.