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​Can I get DORS Services?

Students with a wide variety of significant physical, emotional, cognitive, sensory and learning disabilities may qualify for DORS services.

If you are in a special education program (e.g., have an I.E.P.), receive accommodations in school (e.g., have a 504 Plan) or have a significant health condition, you may qualify or be eligible for certain DORS services.

When can I get DORS services?

DORS can begin working with students while they are still in high school as early as age 14​.  It is best to​ request DORS Pre-employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) once you enter high school ​and apply for additional employment services at the beginning of your junior, or next-to-last, year of high school.  ​

While in high school, DORS can help prepare you for future employment or training through activities such as job exploration and internship participation.  ​During your last two years of ​high ​school, DORS can work with you on developing an employment goal and planning for the services that you will need to be successfully employed. 

How do I get started? Do I have to be referred by my school?

DORS transition specialists work with high schools throughout Maryland to find and assist students who may be eligible for DORS services.  Although in most instances your school will refer you to DORS, ​if you are at least 14 years of age in high school and are interested in pre-employment transition services, you can complete a DORS online referral yourself, or call your nearest DORS office to complete a referral over the phone.

Does DORS pay for college or other education after high school?

DORS may be able provide some financial assistance with post-secondary education if it is necessary to achieve your employment goal.  This assistance is based on financial need.  You must apply for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first.

If you are receiving Pre-employment Transition Services only, DORS is unable to provide financial assistance but may assist you with identifying possible tuition assistance options.

Does DORS arrange internships?

DORS transition specialists can arrange summer employment and internships with businesses and government agencies to help you can gain valuable work experience.

Derick Serra
Progam Manager

A group of ten high school age people on the steps of the Albert S. Cook Library.

If you a high school student with a disability and looking for help with job searching or training, or preparing for higher education, you have come to the right place!

DORS transitioning counselors help students with disabilities prepare for their future.

An male instructor in a wheelchair, and a woman instructor work with four students at computers.

Transitioning students can attend classes and learn about: workplace behavior, job seeking and interviewing skills, and how to write cover letters and résumés.