Academics & GED

​Academic Assessments

The WTC academic department provides testing services for individuals with disabilities to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses in areas such as reading, math and writing skills or assess their readiness for college.  WTC has many assessment tools that can be tailored to best meet each individual’s needs.  The results of these assessments can help consumers and their DORS counselors realistically plan for training programs and employment.

Assessments can include:

  • Academic Assessment – Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) test current ability in reading comprehension and math.
  • GED ReadyTM Practice Test – This test is given when training or employment goals require a high school diploma.  The GED Ready Practice Test is given on computer and requires at least 8th grade academic skills.
  • College Assessments – A variety of assessments provide information to individuals with disabilities and their DORS counselors about the individual’s potential to attend college. The ACCUPLACER test, used by community colleges, is one such assessment.

GED Program

The General Education Development (GED) group instruction program is a 13-week program for individuals with disabilities who require a high school diploma in order to pursue their employment goals.  One-on-one instruction is also available for students for whom the group program is not appropriate due to accommodation needs.  All GED students are expected to take the formal GED test upon completion of the program.
GED Program requirements:
  • Eligibility is based on GED Ready™ Practice Test results. 
  • Individuals should have at least 8th grade academic skills.

Academic Instruction

Self-paced individual instruction in subjects such as reading and math is available to all students enrolled in training programs at WTC.  It’s also available to students who need to increase their academic skills before starting a training program. 
Other academic instruction services include:
  • Learner’s permit instruction
  • Study skills groups for office technology and automotive students 
  • Reading and math skills instruction as needed for Work Readiness program students
  • Small group math instruction for food service, automotive and warehouse training students
A young man sits at a computer as a woman instructor talks to him. 
WTC Academics/Teacher Supervisor Therese Parr talks with student Joshua Steinbrecher as he prepares for the GED Ready Practice Test.
  A man in a wheelchair sits in from of a classroom blackboard.
Consumer Ricky Judd is taking an Academic Assessment to help with his career planning.
A young woman and a woman instructor sitting at a desk looking at papers.
Katie Alleman works with WTC Academic Services Teacher, Patty Reichart.