"DORS can help you find out what you're good at!"

3 photos: Andy with Fleet Manager, Wayne Sonnenberg, Andy, and Shop Supervisor, Bob Miller, at his desk, and next to a truck.OCOTBER 2018 -Former DORS consumer, Andy, works as an Inventory Clerk at the Montgomery County Multi-Agency Service (MASP), Green Farm Facility, where he has been for six years. He began working at the MASP as a Project SEARCH intern. Project SEARCH interns get to explore various career paths, in multiple government departments, where they can have real workplace experiences. Andy was the first Project SEARCH intern to work at this facility.
The MASP houses all the vehicles used to maintain Montgomery County's properties, including: trucks, plows, lawn mowers, boats, etc. This environment suits Andy just fine because he loves anything with a motor!
Andy handles the parts that keep the vehicles and equipment maintained. "I unpack boxes of parts and put them in the correct location in our warehouse. I pull parts for delivery to other regions and I sometimes go on delivery runs. I get the mail, distribute paychecks, order parts on the NAPA website and keep records orders..and at night, I check to make sure all the doors are locked!"
When the interns begin their placements, they are supported by SEEC, and Shop Supervisor, Bob Miller, says that SEEC did a great job of preparing Andy for employment. "He had a nice resume, he was very professional...and he has a great attitude!" Bob says that, in the more than 5 years that Andy has been working there, he has been late or come in with a frown on his face, "Maybe once!"
SEEC Employment Consultant, Linda Hoyt, says Andy is an excellent role model for other Project SEARCH interns. “Andy has been a delight to work with as his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new skills are infectious to all around. The support of DORS, DDA and his work supervisors have been instrumental in his successes by allowing him all the opportunities to learn and grow his skills.”
Andy's mother, Jean Eisenhaur, says the supports were key in helping Andy to be successful: "I am continually surprised by the commitment between DORS, SEEC, and Montgomery County Parks. They have gone above and beyond!"
When asked what advice he would give to other DORS consumers, Andy says: "DORS can help you find out what you are good at, what you need to work on and to get a job. Don’t give up. Keep learning new skills, asking questions and working with people who can help."

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