Billy Smith: Determined to be independent and attend CCBC

A brick row home with a wooden back porch. After: the same home with a new concrete porch and chair lift. 

SEPTEMBER 2015 - DORS' consumer, William (Billy) Smith, came to DORS while he was still in high school and he and his family requested some residential modifications that would allow him to get in and out of his home.
Throughout high school, Billy's grandfather and grandmother had carried him down the outdoor steps and to the bus stop so that he could attend public school. This was difficult and dangerous and both grandparents had fallen down the stairs on several occasions while carrying Billy.

DORS can provide a limited range of residential architectural modification services to DORS consumers who need these services to achieve an employment goal. The Workforce & Technology Center's (WTC) residential architectural modification team evaluates and improves the accessibility of homes for consumers who qualify for these services.
After evaluating the Smith's home, WTC determined that the work would include a partial demolition of a retaining wall, construction of a new wall and stairs, and adding a new wood bridge from the wall to the porch. They then would elevate the porch floor and install a vertical platform lift (VPL). The modifications were completed in mid-August; just in time for Billy to attend college this fall.
Billy completed high school last year and was determined to be independent and attend the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). He had been attending college from home online, but now that his VPL install is complete, he can take college courses on the CCBC campus.
DORS Office of Field Services (OFS) Program Manager, Jody Boone put it best: "I'm so glad DORS was able to get [Billy] moving in the right direction. The [OFS/WTC team] did a fantastic job with this project!  I'm proud to have the opportunity to work with such a great team.”
Billy's grandparents are also very pleased with the residential modification; they are so very happy that Billy is now able to have a life outside of their home.

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