You have to...put yourself out there! I have come a long way and all thanks to DORS, QUEST, and my amazing co-workers!

Charlotte Roop and Sherreon Washington, at a desk.
July 2019 - Charlotte Grupp is a QUEST success story. In 2017, she was referred to DORS by her physician, after a traumatic brain injury in 2016. Working with DORS Annapolis Rehabilitation Counselor, Shawna Leonard, Charlotte decided to enroll in DORS’ Workforce & Technology Center’s (WTC) Office Technology Administrative Professional training program. She graduated in the fall of 2018 and Office Technology Instructor, Aleice Hargrove, referred her to the QUEST program.

In October of 2018, she applied for a QUEST internship at the Maryland Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) Personnel Services Division and started there in January of 2019. Things went very well. “They loved me so much and they wanted to hire me, so I started a full-time contractual position in March.”

Charlotte now works as a Unit Assistant and says she loves her job. “I help manage several contracts…analyze drug tests and help process them in the database, communicate with vendors, and…maintain multiple filing systems. I just came in and showed a strong work ethic and when I get done [with one task] I'd ask for more.” 

Recently, Charlotte has been getting training on how to conduct compliance audits and she especially enjoys this expanding of her work responsibilities. “What’s exciting is that we go out in the field and monitor drug testing sites and occupational health sites for compliance.”

The supervisors in the Unit have nothing but praise for Charlotte. DBM, Office of Personnel Services and Benefits Director, Jennifer Hine: “Charlotte came in and she was able to shine, so when we got the contractual position, it was a no-brainer.” Sherreon Washington, DBM Contract Management Unit Supervisor agrees: “She works well independently, and with a team, and her business ethics are excellent.”

When asked about the praise from her managers, Charlotte responded: “I have a really great floor of women and they all took me under their wing.”

And, she has some advice for DORS consumers. “You have to apply yourself and you have to take advantage of these programs…you have to put yourself out there! I have come a long way since my brain injury and all thanks to DORS, QUEST, and my amazing [DBM] team. I emailed Aleice and said ‘Thank you!’ She helps prepare her students for the real world.”