Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results

2021-2022 DORS Consumer Satisfaction Survey

The DORS Customer Satisfaction Survey was developed in collaboration with the Maryland State Rehabilitation Council (MSRC). Active DORS vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumers are randomly selected to participate in the quarterly survey. All consumers whose VR cases were closed during the previous quarter are also included.

All respondents are asked the same general questions about their overall satisfaction with DORS and with their current DORS counselor. The survey instrument then uses logic based upon a respondent’s case status to determine appropriate follow-up questions.

Highlights from the 2021-22 survey responses are shown below.

The following questions were asked of all consumers surveyed.

Based on my most recent experience with DORS, I would recommend this program to a friend.


  • 72% Satisfied: 45% Strongly Agree + 27% Agree
  • 18% Dissatisfied: 8% Strongly Disagree + 10% Disgree
  • 10% No Opinion
  • 1,022 Respondents

I am satisfied with my experience with my DORS counselor.


  • 68% Satisfied: 46% Strongly Agree + 22% Agree
  • 20% Dissatisfied: 11% Strongly Disagree + 9% Disgree
  • 12% No Opinion
  • 1,000 Respondents

The following questions were asked of consumers who are currently receiving DORS services, as well as those who have found employment.

I was involved in making my plan for employment.


  • 73% Satisfied: 44% Strongly Agree + 29% Agree
  • 13% Dissatisfied: 6% Strongly Disagree + 7% Disgree
  • 14% No Opinion
  • 427 Respondents

I was given information to help me choose the employment goal on my plan.


  • 70% Satisfied: 42% Strongly Agree + 28% Agree
  • 15% Dissatisfied: 6% Strongly Disagree + 9% Disgree
  • 15% No Opinion
  • 427 Respondents

I am satisfied with the services I am receiving from DORS.


  • 69% Satisfied: 44% Strongly Agree + 25% Agree
  • 21% Dissatisfied: 12% Strongly Disagree + 9% Disgree
  • 10% No Opinion
  • 426 Respondents

The following question was asked of consumers whose cases have been closed, either successfully (employed) or unsuccessfully (did not complete program).

I am satisfied with the preparation for employment I received from DORS.


  • 61% Satisfied: 41% Strongly Agree + 20% Agree
  • 20% Dissatisfied: 12% Strongly Disagree + 8% Disgree
  • 19% No Opinion
  • 402 Respondents

The following question was asked of consumers who have achieved employment.

I am satisfied with my employment.


  • 84% Satisfied: 58% Strongly Agree + 26% Agree
  • 7% Dissatisfied: 4% Strongly Disagree + 3% Disgree
  • 9% No Opinion
  • 234 Respondents

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