Training Customized for Your Business

​On-the-Job Training

DORS can provide funding for on-the-job training for a new employee and reimburse a business for a percentage of the new employee's wages while they are in training.

DORS also offers technical assistance and follow-along services to the trainee and the business.

Customized & Partnership Training

DORS partners with businesses and educational institutions to identify specific needs and design customized training programs to meet those needs. Training may take place at the DORS Workforce & Technology Center, on the job site, by an outside vendor, or by a combination of these settings.
Some of the customized trainings that DORS has facilitated include:
Partnership trainings are a collaboration between DORS and an educational institution, designed to provide training in a specific area of the job market
Some of the trainings that DORS has done in partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County include:
Young man holding a small dog. Another dog is jumping on his side and another dog can be seen lying down behind him.

Internships benefit both businesses and DORS consumers, like this one at Charm City Dogs for the PAWS training course.