OBVS Independent Employment Specialist

 Main Purpose of Job
This position is responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering job placement services for blind, deaf blind and low vision consumers. This position works as part of an interdisciplinary team to ensure necessary services are provided for the consumer to obtain suitable employment, in accordance with their Individualized Plan for Employment

Job Duties include: 

  • Meet the consumer in the community to visit employers, 60% of authorized hours
  • Advocate for the consumer regarding job accommodations 
  • Teach the consumer to ask for accommodations needed during an interview and at a potential jobsite
  • Assist consumer with applying for jobs which match their skill set
  • Assist consumer in navigating job connection networks
  • Assists consumer with job search and completing applications, especially when encountering non-accessible websites
  • Prepare the consumer for job interviews or meetings with employers
  • Develop on the job training opportunities if requested by DORS counselors or other DORS staff
  • Assist the consumer with developing, reviewing, editing and refining of resumes, video resumes or other portfolios
  • Instruct the consumer on the appropriate use of different resume styles; chronological, functional, combination, targeted, and non-traditional such as video resumes or portfolios
  • Be able to determine when it is appropriate for the resume to reflect the consumer’s spelling and writing skills.
  • Be available for monthly meetings with referring counselor and consumer
  • If needed, provide support during the onboarding/hiring process
  • Generate monthly reports and invoicing for the referring counselor
  • Assist with Informational Interviewing
  • Assist with identifying and setting up internships

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. High School Diploma 
  2. Computer skills such as:  Microsoft Office applications, Google Doc’s and other internet based programs to assist in job search and reporting activities, Ability to develop and format a resume. Ability to navigate internet based job search websites, documented through provision of sample resume, and 3 years of business application documented by work experience on personal resume. 
  3. Reliable means of transportation will be needed  
  4. Three years of relevant experience in assisting consumer with job placement activities or other experience relevant to job seeking; one of those years helping consumers who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf blind is preferred. Evaluation of personal resume will determine relevant experience.
  5. Candidates should have a basic understanding of how to use online occupational tools, career assessment information, labor market information and job accommodations.

Application Materials required:

  • All entities that are interested in providing services for DORS consumers as a private vendor will complete the DORS Vendor Application​
  • Copy of personal resume demonstrating education and work experience relevant to Job Development, Employment, and knowledge of job accommodations
  • Copy of any relevant certifications if available (resume certification, ACRE certification)
  • Copy of resume developed for a consumer (sample)

Email or mail completed vendor applicaton and required materials to:
Muttasim Fadl, OBVS Employment Services Specialist
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218-1696