Services for Students

​What services can DORS provide for a student?

DORS provides Transition Services for Students with Disabilities.

Transition Services are:

Activities that prepare students with disabilities to move from school to post-school life.

A Student with a Disability is someone who:

  • Is enrolled in a secondary school (including home school or other alternative secondary education program), post-secondary education program or other recognized educational program, and has not graduated or withdrawn.
  • Is at least 14 years old but less than age 22.
  • And has a disability documented with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 plan or medical records.

DORS offers two set of services for students with disabilities.

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services (Students ages 14 to 21) – Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) provide students with disabilities the opportunity to experience and explore the world of work.

    The five specific Pre-ETS services are:

    1. Job Exploration Counseling
    2. Instruction in Self-Advocacy
    3. Counseling on Post-Secondary Education Opportunities
    4. Workplace Readiness Training
    5. Work-Based Learning Experiences

  • Student Employment Services (Students ages 14 to 21) – Student Employment Services are for students with disabilities who would like to receive Pre-ETS and also obtain or prepare for meaningful employment and a successful career. A broad range of vocational rehabilitation services may be available to these students.

    There are eligibility requirements for Student Employment Services/vocational rehabilitation services.

DORS may support college/post-secondary education only under Student Employment Services. Speak with your DORS counselor for more information.

If you request Pre-ETS you may also request Student Employment Services at any time, particularly as a career pathway comes into focus or services beyond the five Pre-ETS are required.

DORS provides these important student transition services in close partnership with the student, family, school staff, approved community rehabilitation providers (CRPs), and other important people in the student's life.

Anyone may request DORS services (Pre-ETS or Student Employment Services) by completing a Request DORS Services form.


Age 18 to 21, but not a Student?
Please see DORS services for Job Seekers with Disabilities.

Who will be on a student’s transition team?

The front of a large, brick school, on a sunny day, with students walking past the front of the building. 

Pre-ETS and Student Employment Services are just part of a larger set of Transition Services provided by the State of Maryland's student-serving agencies.

Partner agencies can be part of a student’s transition team, including: staff from the student’s school,
DORS counselors,
staff from Community Rehabilitation Providers providing Pre-ETS or Employment services,
representatives from the
Maryland Department of Labor,
Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA),
Behavioral Health Administration,
Department of Human Services, and, most importantly, the students and family.

Each Transition Team will be different, based on the needs of the student.

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