Services for High School Students

​If you are looking for help to make the transition from high school to jobs, careers, higher education or job training you have come to the right place!

DORS transition specialists help students with disabilities prepare for the future. A DORS transition specialist may be able to:

  • Arrange for services and testing that will identify skills and abilities.
  • Provide information about assistive technology. These are products and services that help with communication, daily living activities and mobility. 
  • Coordinate Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) that may include summer employment and internships with local employers.
  • Refer you to programs at the Workforce & Technology Center that help students with disabilities make the transition from school to work or higher education.
  • Support college or technical school training related to your employment goal.
  • Help you find a job that matches your strengths and interests.


Jill Pierce
Transition Specialist

Jennie Mezick stands with her around around Andrew Scardefield in the hospital corridor.

Former DORS consumer Andrew Scardefield is now an Anne Arundel Medical Center employee. Andrew began working with DORS while he was still in high school as part of a program called Project Search.

Andrew enjoys his work at the hospital where his duties include patient transport and being a radiology escort.  "I like to make patients smile, like they are not in the hospital. I tell a joke or two. If they're scared, I help them calm down.”

Andrew's supervisor, Jennie Mezick (Radiology Manager), gives Andrew's work high marks. "Andrew shows that he likes what he does in everything he does. People like him!"