Rehabilitation Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment or software that can improve the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

WTC’s rehabilitation technology staff provides customized assessments for individuals with disabilities to find them the appropriate AT to assist them with their employment goals.  The team also provides training and technical support to individuals and groups on the use of the AT hardware and software.  AT assessments and training may be held at WTC or in the individual’s community.

Assistive Technology may include:

  • Desktop or portable video magnifiers 
  • Note taking devices 
  • Specialized software, such as voice recognition software, screen reading software and other products to assist with reading and writing
  • Mobile devices to assist with organization and time management

Assistive Technology training classes may include:

  • JAWS™ screen reading software
  • ZoomText™  magnification and screen reading software
  • Specialized classes based on consumer needs

Program Requirements:

  • DORS consumer with an employment goal.
A woman works at a CCTV monitor which displays an enlarged document.Desktop Document Magnifier (CCTV) ​

An elderly man using a handheld video magnifier to read the newspaper.Handheld Video Magnifier

Two computer monitors displaying enlarged text.Text-enlarging Computer Software