Worksite Services

​Worksite Services provides assistive technology-based assessments and training to individuals who are in need of technological assistance to help them perform the essential functions of a job as a result of disability-related limitations.  Services are performed by Rehabilitation Technologists and Occupational Therapists who possess specific knowledge and experience in working with individuals with disabilities in various employment settings. Staff work very closely with the individuals and their employers to determine technology-based solutions to meet the needs of all parties.  

Examples of Worksite Accommodations:

  • Magnification/screen reading software and devices
  • Communication and assistive listening devices
  • Physical access equipment and software
  • Sit-stand workstations, adaptive keyboards, mice, and other ergonomic workstation equipment
  • Note taking and organizational strategies, tools, and equipment

Program Requirements:

Individuals experiencing difficulties in the performance of their jobs due to a disability-related limitations may be referred for Worksite Services by their DORS Counselor.  A detailed description of the difficulties experienced, as well as the position description is required

Adaptive hardware, specialized software, assistive technology, and adapted work stations help workers with a variety of disabilities to do their jobs and be more productive.

A woman types on a keyboard. In front of her are two oversized monitors displaying enlarged text in high contrast.

A woman is writing a list of names with the help of a CCTV video display.

A man in a wheelchair has oversized monitors as well as a telescopic microphone and cupholder.

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