Rehabilitation Technology Services

​DORS Workforce & Technology Center’s Rehabilitation Technology Services (RTS) program is a national leader in providing worksite evaluation and assistive technology services that help people with disabilities get and keep jobs. Through the effective use of assistive technology, RTS staff solve problems for people who have limitations in communication, mobility, vision and thinking.

RTS provides services to DORS consumers and employers in the areas of worksite job accommodations, adaptive driving, assistive technology assessment and training, and residential modification consultation. Examples of AT provided included hand controls for cars, ramps and stair glides for the home, alternative keyboards and mice or screen magnification and screen readers for computers, and specialized computer-based writing tools.

Rehabilitation Technology Services include:

A man in a motorized chair sits in front of an array of computer equipment, including a large flat screen monitor on which is displayed a close-up of his eyes.

An eye-gaze system allowed this network engineer with ALS to continue working.

Technology Assistance Program
The Maryland Assistive Technology (MTAP) loan programs help MD residents with disabilities and their families qualify for low-interest loans to buy assistive technology equipment, devices, adapted and non-adapted vehicles in order to live, work, and learn more independently and to support various employment goals.
Loans are available from $500-$60,000, depending on restrictions and qualifications. 
Call 1-800-832-4827 for more information.