Driver & Vehicle Services

​Driver Services

Driver Assessment
WTC’s certified driving instructors evaluate individuals with disabilities to determine their ability to drive motor vehicles.

Driver Education: Deaf & Autism Spectrum Disorder
WTC offers driver education for individuals who are Deaf or are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This includes the MVA’s 30-hour Driver’s Education classroom curriculum course and 6-hours behind-the-wheel training with the WTC driving rehabilitation specialist.  Students must have a valid Learner’s Permit prior to participating in the 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training.  Students may earn their Learner’s Permit prior to, or after, completion of the 30-hour classroom course.

Adapted Driving

WTC staff determine what adaptive equipment individuals with disabilities will need to get a driver’s license and then provide training on how to use the adaptive equipment.

Vehicle Services

Vehicle Modification Services
WTC’s state-licensed evaluators determine
what adaptive equipment and other modifications a vehicle needs to allow individuals with disabilities to enter, exit and safely operate it. Modifications are for vehicles owned (not leased) by the DORS consumer or his or her family.


Contact your DORS Counselor or your local DORS office for more information.

Two men stand next to a car.  On the side of the car are the words Workforce & Technology Center Driving School 410-554-9100. A sign on the roof says Driver Education Student Driver.
WTC Driver's Ed instructor and student head out for a road trip.
A young woman in the driver's seat of a heavily modified minivan.
WTC helped this college student modify her van to prepare for her new career.
A young man who does not have arms, in a wheelchair, inside a minivan.
WTC vehicle modifications make independence possible for many people with disabilities.