Acquired Brain Injury

​DORS has Counselors who specialize in serving people whose primary disability is acquired brain injury (ABI). An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain that was not present at birth. The ABI could be the result of a traumatic event like a motor vehicle accident, fall, assault, sports injury or concussion, or it could be a non-traumatic event like a brain aneurysm, brain tumor, stroke or infection.

DORS works with our community partners to provide individualized, long-term, and ongoing support services to people with ABI to help them get and keep a job.

ABI Counselors

DORS has counselors throughout the state who are specially trained to work with people with acquired brain injuries. Please feel free to contact the Counselor nearest to your home to learn more about​ DORS, and help you decide if DORS might be able to assist you in meeting your employment goals.​

Derick Serra
Statewide Coordin​ator
Erin ​Shahan
​Da​nielle Smith
Diana Mc​Neil
Baltimore City​
Heather Raley
Allegany & G​arrett Counties
Karen Ea​rl
Kerri Moore
Bel Air​​
Lynnette A​lexander
Mary Mahler
Ea​​ste​rn Shore
Patricia Simon
Sam​ Miller
Sarah Malone
Eastern Baltimore County
Stephanie Applekamp
Stephanie Colson
​ Southern Mary​land​
Stephe​n Roy

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