​The Deaf-Blind population has been a recognized DORS priority for the past several years. Although the population is relatively small, Deaf-Blind consumers need specialized supports in order to integrate into society and find competitive placement in a career path of their choice.

DORS is committed to expanding existing services for the general population to include Deaf-Blind consumers. Some of these specialized services include receiving braille training from a Deaf-Blind vendor, consumers work with O&M instructors who specialize in working the Deaf-Blind, and receiving Job Coaching from vendors who have been trained to work with Deaf-Blind consumers.

DORS honors communication preferences for their consumers. If you prefer to use ASL to communicate we have Rehabilitation counselors for the Deaf who will work with you.​​


An older man and a young woman sit in a classroom. DORS Consumer David Jessop
and SSP Rachael Horowitz

Support Service Provider (SSP) Program are specially trained professionals who enable people who have combined vision and hearing losses to access their environments and make informed decisions. An SSP provides the Deaf-Blind individual with visual and environmental information, sighted guide services, and communication accessibility. SSP services provide access to community and vocational rehabilitation services that a Deaf-Blind individual may not normally be able to access.