Services for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

DORS Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services(DHHS) are for people whose primary disability is deafness or hearing loss.

DHHS counselors are specially trained to work with people who are deaf/hard of hearing. Many people in the Deaf community refer to DORS rehabilitation counselors for the deaf (RCDs) as VR (vocational rehabilitation) counselors. RCDs use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with consumers who are deaf and use ASL.

Services For Deaf Individuals Looking for Employment Services

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For Employers Looking for Qualified Employees Who Are Deaf

15 women & 3 men.
DORS Deaf Services Staff

BACK ROW, L – R: Murdock Henderson, Kimberly Wilhelm, Dorothea Loser, Tracey Saville, Hank Passi, Jody Boone, Alisa Redmon, LaTasha Miller, Trina Cartwright, Jori Zeglin, Wendy Hill, Karen Love Hanes 
FRONT ROW, L – R: Bette Wilder, Jonathan Barad, Jennifer Gajardo, Jessica Doran, Megan White, Amber Murphy