Apprenticeship Services

Apprenticeships offer people opportunities to work, earn a wage, and learn a skilled trade, all at the same time. DORS has worked with its Maryland workforce partners, including the Maryland Department of Labor, since 2017 to improve apprenticeship opportunities for Marylanders with disabilities.

In 2022, DORS expanded and rejuvenated its Apprenticeship Services to help Marylanders with disabilities to pursue apprenticeships and navigate the complex apprenticeship application process.

Registered Apprenticeships

Registered apprenticeships are paid jobs. While working on the job, apprentices receive training from a skilled craftsperson and related classroom instruction. An apprentice is sponsored by an employer or association and is paid according to a progressive pay scale.

  • Registered apprenticeships can last from one to five years, requiring a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year as well as 144 hours of classroom instruction per year of apprenticeship.

  • Apprenticeships offer scheduled wage increases as the apprentice gains skill and knowledge. These opportunities can be a great option for DORS consumers who are looking to work full time while learning a new skill.

  • Apprenticeship opportunities in Maryland are available in a wide variety of industries, from the traditional trades to industries including Mental Health and Information Technology.

DORS Apprenticeship Services

DORS Apprenticeship Services provide consultation and support services for DORS consumers interested in exploring, accessing, and participating in registered apprenticeship programs across the state of Maryland.

DORS Apprenticeship Consult Services

DORS Apprenticeship Consult Services provide assessments and exploration to assist in preparing for and exploring apprenticeship opportunities. Services offered include:

  • Apprenticeship Consult – the Apprenticeship Coordinator works directly with DORS consumers to identify apprenticeship opportunities and necessary support/assessment services.

  • Apprenticeship Academic Assessment – an academic assessment to determine current academic levels which will assist in determining eligibility for an apprenticeship or a need for remediation.

  • Apprenticeship Exploration – the Academic Instructor for Apprenticeship Services provides an in-depth exploration of various apprenticeship opportunities and expectations related to available apprenticeships throughout the state, this service is particularly beneficial for individuals who have not identified a specific industry to focus on.

DORS Apprenticeship Support Services

DORS Apprenticeship Support Services provide support services to job seekers with disabilities to prepare for, apply to, and participate in apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state of Maryland. Services offered include:

  • Apprenticeship Academic Instruction – assists DORS consumers in raising academic levels or preparing for testing related to apprenticeship opportunities.

  • Apprenticeship Pre-Apprenticeship Support – the Apprenticeship Coordinator provides support and assistance to individuals pursuing or enrolled in a Pre-Apprenticeship program.

  • Apprenticeship Registered Apprenticeship Support – the Apprenticeship Coordinator provides support and assistance to individuals pursuing or enrolled in a Registered Apprenticeship program.

  • Apprenticeship Youth Apprenticeship Support – the Apprenticeship Coordinator will track, and support DORS consumers enrolled in Youth Apprenticeship and facilitate the transition of these consumers to a Registered Apprenticeship if desired.

If you have questions or for more information about DORS Apprenticeship Services, please contact Sam Grimsley at 410-554-9288 or by email at

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