Customized Training

​Customized training (CT) meets the specific skill needs of an employer or a group of employers. DORS partners with businesses, educational institutions, and American Job Centers to identify specific needs and design customized training programs to meet those needs. CT may take place at the DORS Workforce & Technology Center, on the job site, by an outside vendor, or by a combination of these settings.

DORS has many different types of CT, each has its own goals, partnerships, management structure, funding streams, target populations, and training design. Some CT meets the requirements of a particular industry sector, and other trainings are based on a particular employer's business needs.

Some of DORS' customized training partnerships include:

  • Community college training program partnerships – DORS Workforce & Technology Center (WTC) customizes training based on the needs of an employer of group of employers and partners with community colleges to offer demand-driven training programs. Click here to hear from our partners at CCBC.

  • Registered Apprenticeships – These are "earn and learn" customized training strategy run by the U.S. Department of Labor. These apprenticeships connect job seekers with employers sponsorsto provide them with paid work-based learning opportunities and academic instruction in a specific industry sector, like healthcare, manufacturing, or information technology. The goal is connect employers with workers who meet their specific needs.

  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) – DORS uses OJT as a customized training method that places individuals directly on the job site. Trainees learn how to perform critical tasks for the employer with the goal of being hired upon completion of the training.

All types of CT indentified above are effective strategies that DORS' WTC can offer local employers and job seekers.