Becoming a Vendor

A network of private practitioners, organizations, and companies provide a wide variety of goods and services for DORS consumers on their road to successful employment.  These range from psychologists, to AT specialists, to speech pathologists, to benefits counselors, to building contractors, to vehicle modifications specialists, to stores like Sears and Walmart.
If you are interested in becoming a vendor of goods and services to DORS, please review the following information:

General Information

Assistive Technology (AT) Providers

Additional questions about how to become a vendor may be directed to:
Darlene Peregoy
Director, Administration and Financial Services​
Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Rehabilitation Services
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Please note:  If you are a Community Rehabilitation Program, and wish to provide employment services, please go to: Becoming a CRP