Dorm Life

​WTC consumers who live far away and need to stay at the Center can reside in the dormitory at WTC.
Dormitory residents get three meals a day at the WTC cafeteria. They may choose from a variety of evening activities such as support groups and enrichment activities.
The dormitory is supervised 24 hours a day by WTC staff and medical staff are available for medication monitoring and some other healthcare needs.
People who attend WTC programs and stay in the dormitory must be referred by a DORS counselor.
A room with soda and snack machines, and several small table, each with four chairs.
Pattycakes & Friends Cafe is often open for a quick bite when the cafeteria is closed!
A large room with couches, chairs, a TV, and game tables.
The enrichment activities hall is large and offers a variety of fun and social activities.