Employment Services

Employment Services provides support to graduates from WTC Training programs, and to other individuals referred by a DORS counselor, who are engaging in the job search. Employment Specialists carefully evaluate both the prospective employee and the job at-hand to ensure that each person’s skills and abilities are matched to the specific employer’s needs.

Services Include:

  • Job search assistance
  • Cover letter and resume development
  • Interviewing skills preparation
  • Career search skills
  • Business etiquette training
  • Networking and job development
  • Education on how to disclose disabilities and request accommodations

WTC Recruiting & Interviewing

  • Arrange internship opportunities across the state to provide career exploration and on-the-job experiences
  • Create customized trainings to explore/develop personal training interests and address an individual’s unique skills
  • Work with employers to schedule recruitment events and interviewing opportunities with students and field referrals
  • Provide information on financial incentives to MD businesses, including on-the-job training (OJTs), wage reimbursements, and city, state and federal tax credit assistance

Job Supports & Consulting Services

Success at work may be supported by on-the-job skills training, educating employers on accommodations and disabilities, on-going communication with the supervisor, and developing effective communication strategies. We work closely with the consumers’ field counselors to discuss if Job Coaching supports are needed.​

Program Requirements

Individuals must be DORS consumers who are ready to look for work.

WTC Students attending a job fair at CCBSC

WTC Employment Services include opportunities to attend recruitment events, as well as job-seeking skills training, resume preparation and mock interviews.

A man lectures at the front of classroom where the students are using computers.