Health & Wellness Services

​WTC’s Health & Wellness Center is staffed by a team of medical professionals who provide medical evaluations, consultation, health education and training to DORS consumers and staff.  Among the services the Health & Wellness Center can provide are:

  • Environmental Controls & Aids for Daily Living – Equipment recommendations, training and installation of devices to provide individuals who have physical limitations with devices to assist them in their daily living and to help them control their environment. These devices could include things like lights, phones, appliances, thermostats, door openers and intercom systems.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) – This assessment, performed by an occupational or physical therapist, is used to determine if a consumer has the stamina and ability to meet the physical work demands of a specific job or specific job tasks.

  • Medical Functional Evaluation (MFE) – This comprehensive assessment, performed by a multidisciplinary team including a physician, an audiologist, a nurse, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist, that provides in-depth information regarding a consumer’s physical strengths and limitations related to employment.

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment – This assessment provides information about an individual’s ability to do work or function independently. The assessment also provides recommendations to enhance the ability to perform independent living skills and work activities.

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation – This assessment provides recommendations that enable a consumer to improve functional mobility skills, work performance, and physical tolerance.
A man and a woman sitting at a table looking at a box of colored wooden blocks.
A man lying on a cushioned table while a woman stands next to him and bends his leg.